Kristina Laine

I’m an animation film director, media artist, and educator. My art practices include artistic research and work in the fields of animated film, media art, performing arts, visual arts, and educational projects. I find it very interesting to experiment with various visual and artistic techniques. My visual works often feature symbolism.

Regardless of the technique, I focus mostly on narrative visual imagery that could be conveyed to the audience in the form of still and moving images, VR experiences, or artifacts. I approach artmaking as an intimate, intuitive action that is based on the idea of the artistic process being a valuable experience in itself. I like to experience what artmaking feels like.

Many of my artistic observations are made in nature. My creative process starts with these observations that lead to a state of
heightened attention where unconscious messages become meaningful and later take shape in my art. I also like to share my
knowledge with others in a form of community art and performances.